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Many platforms have emerged as a result of the shift of education to the digital world. Thinkific, on the other hand, manages to stand out thanks to its powerful and all-inclusive platform. You can deliver the education you want to 10 students or 10 million students through Thinkific. Thinkific enables you to achieve this because of the infrastructure and applications it uses. Let’s take a look at the best applications at Thinkific.

Google Analytics
By integrating your Google Analytics Tracking ID into your Thinkific address, you can access all statistics about the training you provide easily and free of charge. In this way, you can make the necessary adjustments and changes regarding your education. Thanks to the data provided by Google Analytics, you can improve your training and reach more people.
Active Campaign
This application, which is a customer service automation application, serves 145,000 companies in 170 countries. You can grow your audience with features such as e-mail marketing, marketing automation, personalized message, and mail creation. You can start using the Active Campaign application by integrating it into your Thinkific Pro account.
The Motrain application is an application that helps students get the maximum benefit from your education. Through the application, your students can start interacting with your education. Thanks to Motrain, it is possible to integrate features such as arranging the assignments you give to the students, giving bonuses to the students to use in your site in return for doing the homework, and presenting the students with content according to their personal tastes. By adding to the Thinkific basic application, you can also benefit from the features of the Motrain application.

The Shopify application is an application that serves to diversify the income you will get from your site. With this application, you can sell your e-Books or offer personalized experiences to your students. This application, which allows you to open a special store in addition to the education you sell in general, is designed to help you increase your income. These stores are also one of the easiest ways to increase customer loyalty. The different products you offer through Shopify will also benefit the growth of your customer base by attracting different audiences to your site. If you use the Thinkific app, you can include your Shopify sales channels in your training.
Aweber is a user-friendly email marketing solution. It allows you to create an email template in seconds. By including Aweber in your Thinkific account, you can include all students registered on your site in your mailing list. By using the mail automation offered by Aweber, it is possible to reach your audience easily. With more than 1,000,000 customers, Aweber provides email marketing solutions to small, medium and large businesses.
Ding is a smart notification forwarding app. Thanks to this application, you can send notifications to your students, inform or inform them about the latest developments. Thanks to this application, your students will no longer miss the events you organize. It is also possible to customize the notifications you want to forward according to your style. You can add a video to notifications or have your students’ names automatically used in your notifications. Thanks to Ding, which works integrated with the Thinkific application, your students will always be aware of everything you deliver.

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