Digital Certificate Trainings That You Should Definitely Take in 2021

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Digital certificates continue to strengthen CVs. Thanks to the digital certificates and badges received in different fields, you can show your qualifications and take one more step towards your dream job. In this age, where the concept of lifelong education is gaining importance, certificates also facilitate this process. So, what are the digital certificate training you should definitely take in 2021?
1- Digital Marketing Trainings
The internet revolution has changed all our habits and now everything has shifted to digital. Digital marketing uses digital media such as computers and mobile phones and internet online-based digital technologies such as platforms to promote products and services. This training is frequently preferred by those who want to become a digital marketing specialist, expand their business or service and work in agencies. At the end of these trainings, you can improve your knowledge and skills in search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, content marketing. Having a digital certificate related to digital marketing training will make it easier for you to find a job in this field.
2- Artificial Intelligence Trainings
One of the basic concepts of Industry 4.0 is artificial intelligence. It is quite reasonable to apply for digital certificates to learn about this method that enables the digitalization that we see in all areas of our lives. Within the scope of the digital certificate you have received on artificial intelligence, you can have information on subjects such as data mining, machine learning, artificial neural networks, text mining, natural language processing, and decision support systems. Developing projects on the subjects you have learned will make your education even more beneficial. The digital certificate you receive can enable you to step into the sector if you want to make a career in this field.
3– Cyber ​​Security Trainings
Cyber ​​security; They are the applications of protecting computers, servers, different electronic systems and networks from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity specialists can work in private or government agencies. There is a serious need for qualified workers in this field. People who have information systems knowledge and want to learn about cyber security, information systems employees, security experts, support teams or individuals who want to develop a career in this field can attend these trainings. Forensic certification programs, advanced cyber security programs, corporate cyber security expertise programs can also be preferred to specialize. Obtaining digital certificates related to these trainings, which are highly related to the digital world, will make your work much easier in this field.

4- Effective Speaking Trainings
People who speak beautifully and fluently have always aroused admiration in their surroundings. Completing effective speaking trainings will be definitely beneficial you, no matter what career you are interested in. These trainings include articulation lessons, rhetoric, correct breathing techniques, pronunciation and pronunciation errors and are very popular trainings.
5- Human Resources Specialist Training
The aim of human resources specialization training is to teach basic knowledge and contemporary methods on this subject. Anyone who works in the human resources department or wants to pursue a career in this field can attend these trainings. Although the subject of human resources specialization training varies from certificate to certificate, it covers subjects such as recruitment and placement, training management, job evaluation and payment, performance evaluation. Thanks to the digital certificates you will receive in this field, you can work as a human resources specialist.

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