Even If No One See Your Paper Certificates, You Can Increase The Workforce By Sharing Your Digital Certificates Wherever You Want

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As humans, most of us try to hang our certificates, which are the equivalent of our educational processes, which we have obtained by working and struggling, on the walls, and try to show them to the people around us in some way, but in the digitalizing world, sharing the valid Digital Certificates and Badges we receive and being able to stand out is a much simpler and functional process. This process is actually a subject that matches our digital identity that we have created on digital business platforms such as Linked-In, which have a significant impact on our business life. Being able to have a Digital Certificate obtained from the job descriptions already specified in our CV, which we prepared upon recruitment, will make you stand out from other candidates for the job you are applying for, and will help you attract attention by recruiters.

The image you create for the environment you get on digital business platforms such as Linked-In is incredibly important in today’s world. The posts you make on such platforms will reflect what kind of person you are, and more specifically, what kind of employee you are. Digital Certificates and Digital Badges are a great help for the digital identity you want to create. For example, in order to show that you are interested in any subject or to switch to a different sector from the sector you are currently in, you can realize your interest in these subjects through Digital Certificates.
Education is essential for every process that changes day by day in the age of technology. How this training will take place can be presented to people in different ways within the possibilities. Both a corporate learning culture platform and the certification processes that employees obtain at their own request will be of great help in being in line with the changing and developing global world. In this process that has changed and evolved with technology, of course, old and traditional paper certificates have become much less interesting and have lost their functionality next to digital certificates. Like every changing and developing process, it has become an inevitable reality in today’s world that this process becomes more functional with the help of technology.

The above-mentioned business areas related to business life also contain new business potentials for people. If you want to change your current job or make a change in the sector, a good digital channel profile created and reinforced with your digital certificates, instead of your effort to show your paper certificates, can offer you the opportunity to meet people in your new sector and, in parallel, make you stand out from other candidates in new job opportunities. can make. In summary, with the Digital Certificate and Digital Badge processes that have entered our lives, we can now make our digital and social identity more visible and make our own digital identity more prestigious with the trainings received.

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