How To List Micro-Credentials On CV?

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In today’s self-improving and technology world, digital training, courses taken, and verified Digital Certificates and Digital Badges are of great importance in the CV of job applicants or new graduates. With such minor additions, the CVs of the candidates seem much more competent and their skill management at a much higher level. Especially in recent years, the pandemic processes we have passed through Covid-19 have turned into an inevitable opportunity for self-development for candidates who have already applied for a job. Recruitment experts wonder what the candidates do for personal development during these periods, and evaluate the results they get through the positions they match the candidates. With the pandemic processes, the criteria that recruiters look for in candidates varies within the sector, but in general, let’s take a look at how you can make your micro-competences prominent in your CV and on which topics they can be more.

1- Coping with stress; Since the Covid-19 process creates a gray area in itself, people naturally stressed about this event, which they did not know. However, in such situations, being able to read the current situation and find the most optimal options at that moment is a very useful competence for business life in general.
2- Being able to adapt to change: Although more than one process that has changed in our lives in the middle of 2020 seems normal to most of us in 2021, we have experienced a rapid change process as humanity. For some people, this process was much more wearisome, but for people who were able to keep the change in their lives, this situation was much less damaging.
3- Trend tracking: Along with the changing processes, most of the jobs in our lives have experienced a technological evolution process within themselves. Since trend tracking is very important in business life, we can also count this professional skill.
4-Being able to improve oneself: Especially with the pandemic process, people have entered the process of obtaining a verified digital certificate and a digital badge that they can put on their CVs for digital training. Being open to lifelong development is a very important item for business life.

5- Being planned: To do the right work at the right time and to find the most optimal solutions by considering the opportunities and conditions in the construction phase of these plans.
6- Being responsible for one’s own work: With the Covid process, the system of working from home has shown that care is taken to ensure that employees actually hold on to their own work more tightly and that there is no disruption in the process.
7- Social life and work-life balance: People who can establish this balance and manage the process tend to be more successful in their business life, as our home has become both our workplace, our social environment, and our family, in short, everything.
8- Being able to focus: Focus is an issue that we lose when there are many factors around me, but taking various online training in order to maintain focus in 2021 is a good skill for future business life.
9- Being able to take care of oneself: To be able to take care of one’s own mental and physical body and to listen to oneself in the pace of business life.
10- To be effective: How we reflect the time we lost on the road to our work by working from home is also of great importance for our future business life.
As a result, all the above processes can now be focused on your skills management by taking training and courses digitally from the internet, as well as obtaining digital certificates and digital badges verified on these subjects, and you can obtain a CV and business image where you can list your micro-competences.

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