What Makes Digital Certificate Secure?

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In addition to the many advantages digital certificates provide, they also have the feature of being the most secure ones. In the information age we live in, information theft, fraud and manipulation are big problems. The obsolete nature of physical certificates has become one of the reasons why digital certificates are preferred. Information which is digital and proven is much safer than information written on a piece of paper. What makes digital certificates secure is the underlying technology. Digital certificates eliminate the security problem by incorporating technologies such as cloud services and Blockchain. So how do these technologies eliminate the problem?

In examples where cloud technology is used, having only one copy of the private key used increases security. Thus, you remain in control of your certificate and different people do not have no power on your certificate. Since only the owner of the certificate has the key code , the right to reissue the certificate belongs only to the owner. In this way, you are also protected from certificate theft. While cloud technologies minimize the costs of certification processes, they eliminate the security problems that comes with physical certificates. Cloud based technologies are accessible and user-friendly thanks to the ease of use it provides.

Blockchain technology is the one that completely changes the way information is protected and stored. One of the usage areas of this technology, which has been very popular lately, has been digital certificates. Advanced encryption techniques are used to make this technology one of the most secure. Blockchain protects your information thanks to the decentralized database it provides. The computer networks used serve to confirm the information in your certificate and keep it up to date. In this way, you are no more dependent to a center. Not being tied to a center also increases the security of your information. Not being dependent to a spesific center, institution or person also increases the efficiency of the process. As soon as you produce your digital certificate, an identity link to this certificate is created. All certificates are labeled and easily traceable. As a result, Blockchain technology continues to protect your digital certificates in a very transparent and reliable way. It prevents all kinds of certificate fraud and manipulation by recording all transactions. With the help of QR code application integrated into this system, issued certificates can be scanned easily. So information about the certificate owner and the certificate is revealed with all its clarity.

It is very important to use the latest technologies such as Bitcoin and cloud in digital certification processes. In this way, the certificates that you obtain as a result of long efforts, can accompany you in the safest way possible throughout your working life. In this period when personal information and security concepts come to the fore, you can have your certificates in the most secure way thanks to digital certificates.

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