The Future of Digital Credentials: Smart Certificates & Badges

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In a world where everything is digitalized, documents are inevitable to be digitized. Until recently, documents were entirely available in printed form. With digitalization, these processes have become faster and easier. For example; we do not expect letters to arrive for days. We can reach the person we want within minutes. We have no storage problems for files full of documents. Digitalization has affected and changed our lives. One of the affected points in the digital document. With this transformation, the printing of documents has decreased. Because the printed document has some disadvantages. For example; While there are situations such as the document being worn or lost, this is not the case with the digital document. There are no long-term processes such as duplication and sharing of documents. Data can be accessed and shared instantly. In addition, the use of paper is minimized.

Smart Certificates

Certificates are a document given as a result of the training we have received. These documents are to prove the abilities of the persons. These documents, which were given in print in the recent past, have been digitized with the transformation. This transformation has provided people with ease of use. With the transformation, certificates can be transferred to digital media. This has some advantages. For example; The copying of the document in the printed certificate is tried to be prevented with the serial number and QR code in the digital certificate. Paper, printing, and archiving costs are reduced as all processes are transferred to digital media. Processes run faster and save time.

In addition to all these features that make life easier, certificate design processes have also improved and become easier. This convenience allowed the design to be customized. For example; The certificate can be personalized by adding details such as duration, activity type, qualification level, and validity date to the certificates. In this way, it is ensured that the information is presented and seen better. Evidence links such as trainer profiles and training material used can also be added to support the validity of the event. Thus, it has the characteristics of a document based on evidence.

Smart Badges

Badges are symbols that show the skills of individuals such as achievement, experience, and expertise in any situation. In this regard, badges; can be seen as an indicator of identity, experience, expertise, authority. Badges used in the military field for centuries show the qualifications and success of the soldiers. Similarly, various badge applications are encountered especially in sports such as the Far East martial and defense arts. Digital transformation has brought a different dimension to the classical badge concept. Digital badges can be thought of as virtualized representations of badges that have been used for centuries. Also digital badges, the content are available online on success, interest, or membership status. Thus, they have turned into digital resumes that we can use while introducing ourselves. Badges obtained in different media can be stored for life. It can be used as evidence in cases such as university applications, recruitment processes. With the increasing popularity of social media, badges can be moved to these platforms. In this way, we can share our competencies with the platforms and people we want. In addition, according to the research, it has been observed that the badges given have a positive effect on people. Participants in the study stated that badges are encouraging, increase their motivation, and arouse their desire to work.

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