Importance of Digital Badges in Skill Management and Verification

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Badges are symbols that have existed since ancient times and show the skills of individuals such as success, experience, and expertise in any situation. These icons provide an appellation representation for individuals.

For example, badges used in the military for centuries or worn on a collar after learning to read and write in elementary school. Badges can be used in different areas. It can be a status indicator in business life.      In education, ribbons are the most well-known badge applications. With the digitalization of the world, badges have been transferred to digital media. Digital badges have replaced the badges sewn on clothes in the past. Nowadays, people can easily share their competencies through badges.

Assessment tools such as diplomas and certificates can provide various information about the process. However, unable to give complete information about the person’s skills. With digital badges, people can share their competence, success, and membership status online. The person can customize designs. The person can share her badges with dozens of people at the same time. Such conveniences have made badges preferred.

Badges can be used to document success. Allows the person to show their skills. For example; can show the person’s skills in job application processes. Thus you can evaluate the current level of knowledge with badges. In addition, it can be used in badges and promotion processes obtained from institutions and organizations. It can be seen as an alternative to measurement and evaluation methods existing in business and educational institutions. It is important data to identify the shortcomings of employees within the company. In this way, the skill management opportunity is provided for the talents and achievements of the people. 

Badges mainly affect a person’s motivation in a positive way. In addition, an increase in performance can be achieved with the behaviors of employees to earn badges. Because badges have positive aspects such as creating a sense of competition and increasing self-confidence. Thus, success, motivation, and efficiency can be increased with badges.

Badges require verification of training and titles received. Because the badge may be fake. This situation can be prevented by verification. For example, an unearned achievement on badges can be shown as achieved. People need evidence to avoid this situation. It is important that the training received is supported by evidence such as time, exam results, and video recording. These documents are evidence. This can increase the reliability of the shared badge. Editing fake badges can be prevented.

The digital badge is an important document showing success. Provides convenience to people in many areas such as business and education. Knowledge and skills can be shared easily. Can receive a training field of interest.  A person can develop and manage their competencies with skill management. Thus, the motivation and productivity of the person can increase. These topics have many benefits for the individual and the company.

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