The Best CVTrust Alternatives

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The Best CVTrust Alternatives

Smart Certificate Sertifier

CVTrust mainly focuses on universities and schools, offering digital diploma services. The company tries to create reliable CVs/resumes by providing validation tools. Therefore we can easily say that the company aims to be the hub for trustworthy documents. As an extra feature, the documents can be validated through QR codes.

Pricing: Starting at $680 per year, and going up to $3400 per year for 500 recipients.

*CVTrust charges $1 to $5 for each extra recipient.

Who is this best for: CVTrust might be a good option for schools and universities who want to switch from printed documents and diplomas to reliable, verifiable and shareable digital certificates. The Best CVTrust Alternatives

CVTrust Alternative: Sertifier


Sertifier is an all-in-one education data collection tool that makes smart certificates and open badges easy. With Sertifier you can design professional looking certificates and send them instantly to your recipients. Sertifier offers custom integrations with your companies Learning Management System and popular LMS’s such as Canvas, Moodle and Thinkific.

Sertifier offers a wide variety of analytics reports from marketing values of certificate shares to industry skill fit of your company. Marketing reports provide you the number of shared certificates and how they converse as marketing saves. On the other hand the app has a skill library with more than 10K different skills all related with each other which strengthens certificates and creates a skills map of your company.

Pricing: Starting at $40 per month, and going up to $400 per month. You can also use Designer by Sertifier to create and download certificates for free!

*Monthly and yearly subscription options are also offered.

Who is this best for: Companies willing to use an easy-to-use issuing tool with a good performing designer may prefer Sertifier. Also if you’re looking for deep analytics features to further use certificates Sertifier offers valuable tools for you.

CVTrust Alternative: Accredible 


Accredible is an application for designing, sending and managing education certificates and open badges in an effective manner. It can be used as a web application, but its APIs also allow integration with other tools such as WordPress or other LMSs such as Canvas.

They also provide insights about information related to certificates such as Job Market Insights, to let their customers know about the impact of credentials and accurate skill-based analysis and marketing features.

Pricing: Starting at $960 per year, and going up to $5000 per year.

*Accredible also offers a free trial plan and customized plans.

Who is this best for: If you are looking for insights about the industry and relate them with your digital documents, Accredible is a good choice.

CVTrust Alternative: SimpleCert


SimpleCert is a basic tool for sending digital certificates. It is a Certificate Management System for building personalized certificates and e-mail templates. You can directly add your images and edit text areas on the certificate design and easily send it to the receiver list you upload. Popular customers of SimpleCert are mostly churches, real estate firms and schools.

Pricing: Starting at $19 per month, and going up to $79 per.

*SimpleCert also offers pay as you go plans.

Who is this best for: If you are not expecting a lot from a certificate sending tool and want to go on with a simple tool, SimpleCert may be a good choice.

CVTrust Alternative: Credly

Credly is an application designed to generate badges easily. Badges are tools familiar to Scouts. Badges earned for every accomplishment. Because of the obtained badges, badge holders may show they have those competencies and skills. The logic also works with digital badges. Credly is an application producing digital badges the ultimate convenience.

With Credly from higher education to corporate training and development to professional associations can easily create digital credentials and issue them. Credly also offers integration options to popular Learning Management Systems such as Canvas and Moodle. Digital credentials can be shared on social media and especially can be added to Linkedin profiles. All these data can be analyzed in the Credly’s Acclaim platform and be used to inform new programs, marketing initiatives, and engage more effectively.

Pricing: Credly is a free to use service.

Who is this best for: If you’re not looking for certificates to issue and want to get valuable social media analytics to see your reach with credentials you issued, Credly is a good choice.