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Turkcell has been an astonishing figure of digitalization in the country, and as a generally early adaptor they found out that education needs the utmost level of attention. Their related body in the firm, Turkcell Academy, that is engaging in educational activities had planned a new wave of courses and seminars targeting 28,000 undergrad college students in 42 different cities of Turkey. They had an early experience with their human resource department which led to a chaotic and inefficient period of course progression- certification-tracking that they had a high motivation to eradicate.


It is an obvious fact for Turkcell Academy (and with our other clients as well) that printing out certificates and signing them one by one is a burden that is unnecessarily taking precious time and human resource. This case, however, is more critical in the sense that simultaneously arranging seminars in different cities made this task more painful and even impossible to tackle.

The fact that the information on the certificates is also heavily depends on the location, instructor’s information and the subject of the seminar made it much more susceptible to possible human errors that are irreversible, if printed, and would cause extra cost toreprint and freight cost.

It was crucial for Turkcell that they can measure the impact of their activity. For an academy that aims to achieve and end-to- end educational cycle, they needed to both clearly understand their success on a skill basis and also to provide a motivation for the attendees.


Turkcell is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Turkey with over 48 millions of active users. They are an important part of Turkey’s development on telecommunications with their expertise, know-how over the years, and investments. As a company that has strong relations with younger generations, they value their academies in which they try to give younglings a chance to experience the business world and provide them courses that aim to equip them with necessary skills.


A clear database for what kind of skills they achieved to provide This directly points the direction for Turkcell Academy to plan their course progression on a skill-based system rather than randomly or intuitively assigning the next matter of course. One misleading aspect of this impact, which causes it to be overseen, is that it is not directly measurable and put to numbers. This is a social and psychological effect, in which people start to see and feel that they are gaining knowledge that nourishes itself on the previously obtained information.

Brand Image and Organic Digital Marketing

One of the most useful aspects of the Smart Certificates provided by Sertifier is that they
are easily shareable on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. This is a process that takes less than a minute, and therefore highly liked and used by end-users/personal accounts of Sertifier. This feature is providing two different benefits: one for the issuer and one for the certificate receiver. In this case, Turkcell received the benefit of automatic digital marketing. We have observed that almost %37 percent of users have shared their certificates via LinkedIn and this resulted in a potential outreach of over 5000 people, generated by putting no extra effort.

Receivers experienced the benefit of sharing their achievement and activity on LinkedIn that created value-added for this programme.

Normally, a designer team needed to put 4-6 hours of work to come up with different designs to be shown and selected from and then 2-3 hours to personalize and specify the selected design, whereas with Sertifier this whole process takes no more than half an hour including the sending process. Apart from the time it would take for Turkcell to creating those certificates, it would also cost a lot more to correct those certificates that are printed wrong due to various reasons.

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