Future of Jobs

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Business world is adapting the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Experts forecast a huge change in the upcoming decade that presents both high returns but also difficulties.

When we talk about the opportunities of this age, we actually mean the improvements on performance due to technology. This also includes automation, increase in number of people in the workforce, new and redefined areas of work. There’s an emerging tendency to create temporary and freelance work. With that being the situation, demand for skills is rising.

The skills we mention are not merely technical skills but they also cover “social skills”. By social skills we mean everything that plays a role in the interaction of the worker with others in her workspace: time management, leadership and teamwork, communication, etc.

Difficulties that Governments Face

It is highly important to attract attention on the impacts of new technologies on the business world. The education policies should be renewed in order to focus and improve the skills of individuals regardless of their age. Curricula should be holistic on STEM (Science, technology, engineering and marketing) but also should not underestimate the importance of aforementioned social skills.

Difficulties that the Industry Faces

Making plans according to competition is depending on the industries’ decisions but it is obvious that for the products to reach their potential and be competitive in the market highly depend on qualified roles. It is imperative to think long-term and creative because what is needed is an inclusive and forward-looking approach.


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